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Just curious, what are Republicans favorite dishes to eat?

I am a Democrat, and two of my favorite dishes are spaghetti and beef stroganoff


Sometimes I think it is better to ask non-divisive questions. We are all humans and we are all equal, let’s try to be positive

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  • 1 month ago

    that would depend on where YOUR Republican came from.  I love eating old fashioned traditional German Russian food.  My best friend who is also Republican loves pizza any way you can make it.

  • donnie
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    1 month ago

    Everyone is different I don’t think political affiliation determines what type of foods someone eats. 

  • Anton
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    1 month ago

    I don't care what Republicans eat.  I do know they love Donald Trump, who eats steaks cooked "well" -- which mean they are stupid.

    As for "We are all humans and we are all equal, let’s try to be positive" -- the Republicans think White Male is top, others are not their equals.  MAGA means they want to go to the 1950's, when women and "colored" knew their place and stayed there.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    its mostly the same .because a lot of democrats and republicans like classic american southern cousine. alot of the traditional american foods are from the southern part of usa usually called southern comfort food, or soul food.

    all that fried chicken, mac and cheese, this pie that pie, barbeque tantalizing dishes, homemade marinade, grilled vegetable,tex-mex,sweet tea, cajun spices, 

    so then u have immigrants. So they have their own foods. and certain areas like more seafood if near the coast but thats true of any country. but the food u think of is american culture.

    fast food is like speedy version of that. and since usa has a lot of italians. spaghetti and tomatoe sauce is a really cheap and stable food. u can buy for 3 usd total. maybe another two dollar if u want garlic bread. ( u just need  toast bread, and garlic,and butter) so its easy to warm up. but some make the pasta sauce somewhat fresh, or custommade.because they still use canned tomatoes lol. also ketchup is NOT pasta i always get annoyed seeing that as a replacement ingredient.

    ketchup is for frenchfries, for sandwiches, eggs, burgers , NOT pasta.

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