Should I take a dream job if I'm unhappy with the working hours? ?

My current job is 9-5 so my work life balance is great but potential for growth is limited and it gets very repetitive. I have an interview tomorrow with Microsoft for a datacenter engineer role. I'm excited about the role and potential to grow and the benefits and wage is pretty good plus Microsoft on my CV definitely wouldn't hurt. However my issue is *requires shift work*, so will my work life balance go to crap? I'm in a relationship and play sport in the evening and meet up with friends at the weekends (not as mich during the pandemic) how can I bring this up in the interview and should it be a deal breaker? 

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    This really depends on THEIR exact use of the term "shift work".  Shift work usually means that the company has at least two shifts of personal functioning.  

    Common hours for "shift work" is often first shift - 7am to 3pm  - second shift 3pm to 11pm  and if there is a third shift, it would be 11pm to 7 am.  (some companies run on slightly different time-lines - but that is one of the most common time-lines for "shift work")  Calling it "shift work" doesn't always mean that it includes weekend hours - but it might if the company runs 24/7.  

    So - the first thing you need to find out is what they consider their hours for each shift.

    The second thing  you need to find out is which shift they are considering you for.

    After that - you can make a more informed choice on how the shift you would be getting might impact your life.

    Another thing to consider would be your options for changing shifts in the future.  Most companies have openings happen and internal bids are usually done first.  This means the chance to change shifts could occur at some point after being hired.  It doesn't hurt to ask about how their process works to bid to other shifts in the future.  

    As for how to bring it up - just ask what their shift hours are and what shift the position is on.

    Personally - I would take the job if it was going to improve my situation professionally or financially even if it inconvenienced my personal life.

    I took a job on a shift I absolutely hated because the job had other aspects that made it desirable.  I have been with that company for 28 years now.  

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    If I was younger, and it was a dream job, heck yes, I'd take it. 

    Employers don't make these decisions at random. Having key, experienced, knowledgeable people on every shift is important, (and probably reflected in the pay). I worked for a bridal store where the most experienced, full-time people had to work Saturdays and Sundays. When I asked why, I was told *most* brides came in on weekends; They deserve to get the service of the most experienced employees, not the bench warmers.I'm in my 60s. I was offered another job a couple years ago. There were other factors that led me to reject it, but one was the hours. For me and the schedule my body gravitates to, it wouldn't have worked well.

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    I would take the job at Microsoft anytime 

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    thats up to you

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