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How do I know if I am ovulating? ?

How do I know if I am ovulating? My period usually comes from day 27 to day 42. But it only goes into the 40s when theres stress or something else. Lately it's been more on time. This month my period came and It was as scanty on day 1, day 2 it was heavier, I bled through a tampon. Then it got lighter. Then it stayed scanty for 2 more days. Day 5 it only had a lil then stopped. Usually my periods are kinda light, but never scanty. Usually the first or second day is heaviest, the rest would be norm/lightt but not scanty. And it skips day 4 and comes back on day 5. I did get my dry days, then I've been noticing I've been getting wetter. But todays day 14 (I put a 28 day cycle, but idk) my mucus is wet but sticky. And not stretchy. It's also slightly creamy. Day 11 it was wet, very slightly stretchy, couldnt tell if it was sticky, day 12 was wet and slightly stretchy (by slight, I mean way les than an inch.) Day 13 I started to notice It was wet and sticky. Which I could have been the other 2 days. And I fely the same as day 13 on day 14 and today day(15). I wasnt sure but I figured I'd mention, I have been having sex everyday (trying to conceive.)  Not sure if semen can have an affect but I check discharge in the morning or evening. Never after sex. Also, cervix just started getting higher today. Other days it was low. Thankyou in advanced

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    In addition to tracking changes in your mucus and cervix, you could also learn how to check BBT.  (basal body temperature).  Your body temperature changes slightly close to ovulation.  You could also get ovulation test kits and actually test for the hormone change that happens when ovulation should be about to happen.

    For most women (not all), ovulation happens about 14 days BEFORE the next expected period.  When periods are irregular - (and a cycle that can be anything from day 27 to day 42 is irregular) - it is hard to know WHEN it is going to be 14 days before the next period when periods have that big of a possible gap in the next one arriving.   The time frame from ovulation until the next period can be anything from 10 to 17 days - it varies slightly for each woman - but a 14 day estimate is fairly close for most.

    As for learning what your mucus might mean - keep track of the day and the type of mucus and then compare it to when you get a period. If you can count back from the period and see what the mucus was like about 13 to 15 days before the period happened - that is the mucus type that most likely indicates ovulation since ovulation should have happened on about day 14.

    You could also forget about testing or checking for anything at all and just keep having sex at least once every three days.  Sperm can live for up to FIVE DAYS.  This means that sex does not need to happen ON the day of ovulation.  Sperm can wait for the egg to arrive.  If you are having sex at least once every three days, then there should be enough live sperm available no matter when the egg arrives and no matter what you have been tracking.  Once ovulation actually happens, the egg only lives 12 to 24 hours.  When you reach day 35 of your cycle - if a period hasn't happened - you could test for pregnancy.  Then test once per week until you either get a period or a positive test.

    BTW - I had very irregular cycles.  I could have anything from 45 days to 90 days (sometimes even more) between each period.  It was impossible to predict anything.  I have two daughters and never tracked anything.  We just had a "let's see what happens" attitude and just stopped using birth control and had sex often.  When you are "TTC" - the "trying" part can often just be lots of sex without really needing to do much of anything else.  The tracking part really isn't needed until just having sex has failed to give results.  

    Good luck.  

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    I hope you are not basing your sexual romps around that sort of calendar and simply hoping not to get pregnant.

    If you are doing that, might I suggest a trip to a sexual health clinic to get good info about contraception.

    My apologies if I have intruded too far into your private life.

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