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I feel old?

This is more of a rant than a question cause It would be embarrassing asf to post this on actual social media but 

I turn 20 soon and I officially won’t be a teen anymore I’m scared and I feel old asf I feel like I should of accomplished more by this age & have a apartment car & a good paying job instead I go to school & babysit for $ I hate this life lmao & Ik my grammar is sh*t but if you have any actual advice would be appreciated I don’t wanna hear the I’m blah blah blah older than u & u should feel this way blah blah blah 

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    yes its true some pople can get an apartment, a car and a good paying job without going to school...some people can also do backflips and cartwheels on a roller coaster...those people know what they are good at.  the rest of us have to discover what we are good at...and here we are. ..

    when i was a kid i thought i would die by 50 so i would need to get married and have kids by 25...but at 25 i realized those were unrealstic expectations...

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    I didn’t want to turn 18 because I knew after that point there wasn’t really any benefit to me getting older since the drinking age is 18 here. I’m now 28 and I think atleast I’m in my 20s. It doesn’t seem to get any better as you get older.

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