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Is it true that at one point in her life Princess Camilla was a practicing Nun?

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    yes, and when charles found out where she was practising he got her out by the SAS

  • Yes, and Prince Charles was a university professor, Prince Edward was a WWF wrestler and the Queen ran a soup kitchen for the homeless. 

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    No. Camilla was never a practicing nun in the Anglican Church, nor was she a practicing nun in the Catholic Church.

    Camilla is Anglican, while ex-husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, is Catholic.

    Since Camilla assumes her royal status through marriage, she is "Princess Charles." Only a female who is born or bestowed a princess in her own right properly uses the title with her own given name. But, Camilla has higher titles than princess--she is a royal duchess, and she is Princess of Wales, wife of the heir to the throne. Camilla chooses to use Duchess of Cornwall, and not Princess of Wales, to honor the memory of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

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    No. And there is no Princess Camilla. But you knew that.

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    No, but Charles is said to enjoy acting and dressing the part of a Catholic school girl whilst Camilla, dressed as a nun, beats him with a wooden ruler. She pulls up his little plaid skirt to beat his bare bum. He squeals with delight and begs for more, shouting, “Mother Superior, I’ve been a naughty, naughty little girl!”

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    No, she was an expert and didn't need to practise.

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