Where is a popular place in the United States people travel to in order to look at fall foliage ?

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  • 1 month ago
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    There are several.

    Northern New England is the most popular, primarily because of the diversity of colors - red (maple), orange (oak), yellow (birch).  Northern New England means north of Boston, primarily New Hampshire's White Mountains and anyplace in Vermont, although western Maine (Rangeley Lakes area) is good too.  Just be aware that historically the color in Northern New England peaks around the second weekend in October (so it's over for this year).  The area south of there has color too, just not the density of hardwood forest that you see in Northern New England.  https://newengland.com/seasons/fall/foliage/peak-f...

    The Blue Ridge Parkway, which extends from central Virginia (starts near Charolette, VA) to Smokey Mountains National Park is another good area to see color.  That area should be nearing peak color now.  https://www.romanticasheville.com/fall.htm

    The Adirondacks in Northeast New York and extending down to the Catskills (Hudson Valley) is another good area.  https://www.iloveny.com/things-to-do/fall/foliage-...

    In the west, when the aspens turn in the Rocky Mountains the hillsides turn a bright yellow, it's spectacular.  To see that you need to get to elevation (>7K feet) in the Rockies.  I-70 west of Denver, just west of Eisenhower Tunnel is a good place to view the Aspen.  Since it's snowing in the Colorado high country already, I suspect the aspen have dropped their leafs already?

    If you want to go someplace this weekend, I'd recommend the Catskills.

    Source(s): Long time resident of Northern New England, been to everyplace I recommended in the fall.
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    Skyline Drive in Virginia for one.

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    Arkansas, Virginia, Kentucky, any northeastern state, maybe others.

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    1 month ago

    New England's foliage is often spectacular. When I lived in the area, we often took a day-long drive into New Hampshire, the Berkshires, or Vermont just to ogle the foliage.

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