Why Don’t women Want to educate women on birth control instead of insisting on keeping abortions a constitutional right ?

To the best of my knowledge this has never been tried. I have no problem with my tax money paying for Planned Parenthood to provide birth control wellness physicals mammograms But someone who is pro life in all situations I’d do you not support my tax money going to pay for abortions 


Is there anyone who would agree with me

Update 2:

I’m sorry Miss A I should have also stated I AM Absolutely pro military pro capital punishment but I am strongly pro life for innocent human beings who have done nothing but be conceived Without their consent just like all innocent children who are molested and murdered. I believe anyone who consciously makes the choice to Commit any crime On an innocent child should be put to death but please tell me how A deliberate act of abortion is not the murder of an innocent child

Update 3:

If abortion is a constitutional right for a woman to choose Then why isn’t it a constitutional right for a woman to murder anybody who is in their way or they don’t want in their life Who might be causing stress or simply in their way. It’s not murder if a woman kills any child who can’t survive on their own.  Women and men need to grow the hell up and be responsible and prevent pregnancy and there won’t be a need for abortion

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    You seem to be supposing that educating women about birth control would make a difference. It wouldn't. They value the right to have an abortion above every other consideration, and they are resistant to any suggestion that would infringe that right. The bottom line is they do not value the life they carry when they have an abortion.

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    Where on earth have you got the idea that educating women on birth control hasn't been tried? You are obviously either very young or very ignorant.

    Look up "Marie Stopes" for a start.

  • para
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    1 month ago

    people have forgotten what that word means. a right is something people do, not something people have. abortion isn't a right, and it's not a constitutional freedom.

    I'm not pro life, I support capital punishment for child murderers.

  • MissA
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    1 month ago

    So here are other things that as someone who is pro-life in all situations that you might object to your tax money being spent on:

    1. The military

    2. Any court or judicial system that carries out the death penalty

    3. Subsidies for corporations that pollute, commit ecological devastation, or genocide indigenous groups that get in their way

    Guess what your tax dollars pay for?  Welcome to a democracy, where you get to have an opinion but you don't get to overrule everybody else's opinion because WAAAH YOU DON'T LIKE IT.

    I'd say most pro-choice people are also pro-sex ed, pro-contraception, and pro-access to birth control.  We also don't feel that women's bodies are the property of the state.  It's a perfectly logically consistent position.

    Edit: Okay, so you're not actually pro-life.  You're pro-fetal life.  Gotcha.

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  • Zirp
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    1 month ago

    "To the best of my knowledge this has never been tried."

    Bollocks. Where I live, parents and school educate you on these matters.

  • 1 month ago

    Sadly, many women are simply not open to that.  They have religious reasons or feel someone will not like them by getting involved with any family planning.  Also by using birth control, they have made a conscious decision they will be having sex, and many must deny that.

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