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Is it dangerous to push yourself when running?

I feel like even after I get burned out, I can keep going on sheer willpower because I tell myself "It's no big deal, my heart is still pumping and I can still breathe even if its harder to do so" Is this a dangerous mentality to have? I feel like I should stop for my safety, but I don't want to.

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    It can lead to injury and/or burnout (complete lack of desire to run at all anymore). Just because you can physically do something, doesn't mean you should. In order to improve your performance, some level of "pushing" yourself is required. Runners either push themselves to run farther or faster, in order to improve their general endurance or speed. 


    Working out (running or other types of workouts) past exhaustion or past the point where your form is ideal, can lead to all kinds of injuries (strains, tears, overuse issues, etc) which can require anywhere from days to weeks to months (or more) to recover from. 


    Perhaps look up some training plans online, and train for a particular distance or to run a distance in a particular amount of time, and stick to that schedule in order to reduce chances of injury. 

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    It can be, if you do it too often. 

    It's good to run a race occasionally, or to do a few race pace training runs. But, when you do, it could be weeks or even months, depending on the distance, before it is a good to do that again.

    When you exercise, you stress your body. Some stress causes microdamage. The body repairs itself, and becomes stronger, better able to respond to the stress of exercise. But, longer or more intense exercise causes more microdamage than light exercise. If you do longer or more intense exercise too often, you risk accumulating the effects of stress faster than the body can adapt. The result is overtraining syndrome or burnout.

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    Not unless outside factors make it dangerous. For example, you obviously don't wanna push yourself to failure if you're running in winter temps because if you collapse from muscle failure and exhaustion in the snow and freezing temps, you better have a cellphone or you're gonna die. Pushing yourself the furthest is really only dangerous when weight lifting by yourself. You're asking for a near death experience if you go to muscle failure while bench pressing. If your muscles give out, that barbell is gonna fall flat on your face or torso. 

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    well, try to keep your bpm in the target zone. 

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