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Why any freedom-loving person would be for aid to religious schools?

Blaine Amendments continued to be routinely utilized for the purposes of preventing state school-choice vouchers and other state funding programs from benefiting religious schools and institutions. Educational choice programs slowed or, at times, were blocked outright.

Espinoza unequivocally determined that Montana’s Blaine Amendment — at least as the Montana Supreme Court applied it to the scholarship program — is inconsistent with the First Amendment. As Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the majority opinion, Montana’s Blaine provision “does not zero in on any particular ‘essentially religious’ course of instruction at a religious school. Rather, as we have explained, the no-aid provision bars all aid to a religious school ‘simply because of what it is,’ putting the school to a choice between being religious or receiving government benefits.” The Montana Supreme Court’s application of the Blaine Amendment, Roberts continued, is subject to “the strictest scrutiny” under the free exercise clause.

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  • paul c
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    3 months ago

    My own freedom-loving parents paid taxes and paid to send their children to religious schools.  Because they wanted us to get a good education. I might have spent 30 or 40 minutes a day learning about God, and the rest of the day was spent learning more in a week than public school students learned in a month.

    Public schools in America are a joke. In an attempt to educate all children, they've lowered the bar to drag dumb kids along with the average, and the brilliant kids.

    Which of course bores the smarter kids to death. 

    I say spend tax dollars on schools based on results the schools get. 

    Jewish kids have attend Catholic schools for a the better education it offers.

    They weren't required to convert to the religion, only pay their tuition.

  • 3 months ago

    If you are for freedom and the kids are being educated they ought to be able to go to whatever school they want.

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