Why do some young people disciminate against old people, they will get their one day!..If they're lucky! ?

...or smart! This is my second interview that I've had and I just KNOW that the young fat lady (who was probably about 5 or so years younger than me), DISCRIMINATED me based on my age! She probably ended up hiring the person that I saw was my competition (someone who was 26!). 

Any tips on how to combat age discrimination in the workplace?! The interviewere was probably late 20s to early 30s, while I was 36, turning 37! 


Sorry I meant: "There".

Update 2:

Wow are you guys cruel! What did I do to you guys?! I also have some health problems you know! Why don't YOU shut up! You're not even giving me any good helpful advice so I'm reporting your idiot posts! 

Update 3:

I have health issues and you don't even understand nor probably want to you freaks! Go to hell and stay there and I hope you get sick once you reach my age you evil *** holes! 

Update 4:

A Hunch you're an as hole just like the other unhelpful answer! Please go away! You don't know what I have experienced and therefore you have NO IDEA and have NO RIGHT to say those things to me! What a cyber bully you are the other bastard are! I've blocked you! Grow up and learn to be nice and stop being JEALOUS of me! 

Update 5:

Brian Mcilwee: The job requirements was high school diploma and it paid $13.75 per hour. I have TWO associates degrees (which is usually equivalent to a Bachelor's degree). Plus I have a Real Estate Certification as well as a Life Agent License. My competition looked like a skinny long haired Christina Aguilera type! So yeah don't tell me that had absolutely nothing to do with it lol. Though I did see that she had a Bachelor's on her resume but still.. for this job (front desk hotel clerk)..

Update 6:

..), I just KNOW I was definately qualified! 

Also, A Hunch was the one that came to my question and insulted me so lol and you want me to just stand back and take it?! I don't think so. I don't deserve that!

Update 7:

ibu guru: I wish I could do that but I don't have the money for it and this kind of stuff would be difficult to prove. I already did my research and company's can indeed make up all sorts of excuses as to why they didn't get you. I'd have to have actual evidence of the interview and all that jazz and it would just be too much of a hassle for a job that pays only $13.75 an hour. (.75 cents more than minimum wage in CA).. not to mention it's Part Time.

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    People in their teens & 20s these days are very age-ist & discriminatory. They will outgrow it in a couple of decades. Meanwhile, their attitudes are actually counterproductive, and their actions illegal. IF you know this interviewer hired someone who is younger but less qualified, AND she stated anything which indicates age discrimination, hire an attorney & SUE! 

    Are your credentials, experience, etc, up to date? Professional attire & attitude. Don't emphasize your age, but how your experience can benefit the company. Doesn't hurt to surreptitiously record the interview, just in case....

  • 1 month ago

    Have you considered that the other person may have had some skills you do not have?

    Did you insult the 'fat lady' by accident?

    Regardless...you are only 37.  You are YOUNG!!!

    Go on line and apply with FEMA.  They pay great and they appreciate EXPERIENCED workers over young ones who want to leave early and party.

    ....and everyone leave off picking on A HUNCH.  I've seen a bunch of posts picking on this person.  NOT COOL!

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    36 and worried about age discrimination?

    It's probably best to leave the workforce now.  Maybe you are eligible for SSI due to your mental illness. 

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