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Adoption/birth certificate?

Hey I'm 20 years old and my step father who has been in my life since I was born wants to sign my birth certificate and his family wants to adopt me I know I'm 20 but we never knew exactly how or where to go so thanks to the internet lol.  We live in Texas so if anybody can help us on where we should or to being the process that'll be great thanks. 

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    This is information about adult adoption in Texas:

    It's fairly easy to adopt an adult with a pre-existing relationship like your step father has with you. He would not sign your original birth certificate, but a new birth certificate will be issued with your mother's name and his name on it.

    You will have the option of having your last name changed at that time if you would like to do so.

    Source(s): Adoptee and Adoptive Mom.
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    Signing your birth certificate does nothing in any official way. You have to be adopted. You'll have to consult a lawyer specializing in adoption/family law.

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    A family law attorney can help you and your stepdad do an adult adoption.

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