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Medical advice for being constantly exhausted and cold ?

I’ve been struggling for the past 5 weeks now but I’ve experienced these symptoms for as long as I can remember. I’m constantly tired and fatigued, no matter how much sleep I get I always struggle to get out of bed and feel awake. I cannot concentrate very well and seem to day dream without realising it. Recently I’ve been very sensitive to the cold and my hands and feel are almost always cold and I’m having to have a blanket around me if I’m sitting because I’ll be too cold without it. My hair is also falling out more than usual in the shower and I’m pretty much always pale skinned. I get at least one headache a week but it’s usually more often than that, I’ve had an issue with headaches all my life and the doctors always dismiss it as “growing up”. My periods went through a phase of them being regular but lately they’re becoming irregular. I’m dizzy and lightheaded every day and when I stand up my vision goes dark and I feel like I might faint. I’m 17 yr old female if that helps in any way. My doctors are reluctant and almost refusing to do a blood test since covid so I wanna know if it’s serious enough to go to the main hospital through a&e as obviously everyone’s main priority right now is to stay safe 


Someone asked what country I’m from and I completely forgot to say, I’m from Scotland. I’ve had two phone appointment from the doctors but they didn’t seem to care and diagnosed me with vertigo which I absolutely do not have 

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    i would go to urgent care

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    Vitamin and mineral deficiency. Take multivitamins with minerals. There may be more to it, but that is my first guess. One time I was unwell in winter and could not get warm, until I took a lot of vitamins for a few weeks. 

    If yo still have problems after a few weeks of vitamins, ask the doctor. You do not say what country you are in. Where I am I can have phone appointments with the doctor and make appointments at the blood test place. I wear a mask everywhere 

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