Does anyone know what the name of this book is?

It is a mystery book set in Australia about missing children cases. First two boys go into the woods and only one emerges and then years later a little girl goes into these same woods and also disappears.  A detective is trying to solve the case but he finds out secrets about himself along the way.  The entire book jacket was brown (it looked like a black and white picture but it was brown and white) and there was picture of two young boys on the cover.  The title of the book was not on the cover, you had to open it up to the first page inside the book to see what the title was.  I think the author was a man.  Does anyone know what the name of this book is?


I don’t remember if the kids get lost in the woods or outback.

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  • 1 month ago

    I'm afraid I don't know this book, but if you don't get the answer here soon, I suggest you re-post your query in the BookSleuth forum of  -  there are people there with astonishing memories and search skills.

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