Has anyone changed their mind on who they’ll vote for President this election? No names, just reasoning?


@Flora, Every keystroke I've struck is available to be seen, so there's no use in lying. I believe Trump was, is and always will be a POS. My issue is his politics, I'm with him almost 100%. He hasn't turned his back on law enforcement and is calling out poorly run cities. Amazingly, the are democratic run cities. I voted for Gary Johnson last election, but the constant attack by the democrats points to me voting for Trump. And yes, I'm hoping Pence takes over.

Update 2:

@Dan, Keep your eye on Pelosi and the 25th Amendment push. She arrogantly believes Trump won't get re-elected and wants this pushed through Why? For when Biden's issues come to light, Harris can step up to be our President. Like chess this is an endgame

Update 3:

Good answers, but I believe Gary had the best explanation. Thank you

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  • Gary
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    3 months ago
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    The party that's TRYING to gain control of our government has been positioning itself so IF they win they'll be in the PERFECT position to IRREVERSIBLY get and maintain power of our ENTIRE federal government like @Dan noted this is CLEARLY a political coup of epic proportions in our country! The dem voters that are ignoring these changes are going to be the ones that in 2 - 4 years will be crying about how they couldn't see the crystal clear writing on the wall and how they were BLINDSIDED, betrayed and abused by they're party abusing the power that they're supporters handed them on a silver platter and sadly by then it will be virtually impossible to repair the damage it will cause! I KNOW a great many of you dem supporters can't stand our current POTUS for many reasons and if I had the chance to interact with him on a personal level I would NOT pursue it I would flatly refuse it because I do NOT associate with people like him BUT he has done well for our people and our economy.  I ask you to choke back your hatred another 4 years to show your party your on to they're games and find them TOTALLY unacceptable and you REFUSE to tolerate it even if it's to vote for a 3rd. party candidate that has NO chance of winning because they're COUNTING on your hatred of our current POTUS to give them your undying support for THEY'RE total control!  

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    I willl NEVER do anything to get a person like Harris in the most important position in the Free World. 

  • 3 months ago

    No i haven't changed my mind.  No names mentioned i hope the troll who is currently in the White House is removed.

  • Dan
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    3 months ago

    I changed my mind when the VP pick was announced. I don't believe that VP is ready to be president. 

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  • 3 months ago

    I know who I absolutely won't vote for, but am still going back and forth between the other candidate and a third party candidate. 

    My dilemma: Do I vote for a candidate that I think is bad for the country to keep a party that I think is worse for the country out of power? Or do I vote for a candidate that will be better for the country, but has no chance of winning the election?

    What about you?

  • Rick
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    3 months ago

    nope, -0- changes ...........................

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    No change. None at all.

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