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Is the Christmas holiday outdated and should it be ended?

Is it an outdated holiday and since we are a nation that’s against public religious expression should we outlaw it since it’s a religious holiday aside from letting people celebrate in their churches. The whole family visits and giftgiving should that be ended completely and moved to another holiday like Fourth of July? Should Christmas simply be a holiday like All Saints Day or Rosh Hashanah where it’s nothing but a private religious day and in public like any other day of the week? 

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    Constitution says you absolutely can't outlaw religious holidays. None of them. Not Christian ones, Jewish ones, Muslim ones, none of them.

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    Christmas is the made-up Christian festival that was intentionally timed to take the place of much older celebrations around the winter solstice (in the northern hemisphere). People have always had a festival around that time though it has become over commercialised in the modern era.  Those who wish to celebrate a notional birthday for their prophet should be free to do so just as the traditionalists, pagans and tree-huggers have a right to their celebration at the same time of year. The solstice has real significance. Why not celebrate it?

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