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Do you think it's where he was abused he's moving so fast?

I've started dating a guy but im finding he's really intense as we've only been on two dates but he's saying how I'm what he's been waiting for

I know about his abuse in childhood and I don't know if that's why he's so over affectionate 

He's really touchy feely and it makes me feel embarrassed when we are in public

He seems to be moving quite fast and I know a lot about him

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    I felt bad for a long time about ending things when I felt pressured and then I read about "pink flags"  in "Pressuring is an Early Warning of Abuse." Don't let him push you into something you are uncomfortable with. The link is below.

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    you have stand up for yourself and let him know he's moving too fast and the PDAs are making you uncomfortable. SPEAK UP or he'll steamroll you down the aisle!

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    If you are already anxious and having second thoughts then this relationship is already in trouble. I would encourage you to get out now. It really doesn't sound like you're committed yet and if you wait much longer he might be over committed and end up not letting you go peacefully. above all I just ask you be safe and use your head. 

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