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Are there any studies regarding Elementary school children's experiences working with paraprofessionals/teacher's assistants?

I am trying to frame a research question within a large geographical context. I have found plenty of research regarding primary school children's experiences with TAs in the UK; however, I am struggling to find anything of a similar nature in the US or elsewhere. I have found a couple of prominent pieces that have taken place in US that pertain to children with disabilities, but there are any research pieces that explicitly ask mainstream elementary school children about the role of the paraprofessional?

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    Kind of echoing Spock - generally speaking most elementary students in the US will never see and TA/paraprofessional. If they do, they typically would have very little (if any) interaction with them. Teacher Aids/Paraprofessionals/etc are associated with special education students in the US. They may be in the mainstream classroom but only work with the special education students. There may be some exceptions but not many.

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    GL finding any at all -- regular education in America can't afford paras for ordinary children, so there very likely aren't any, except in the very richest districts.  I'm some years out of knowing what the regular ed journals are and you likely need to scour their indices.  Next idea ... look up the editors [and assistant editors] of the leading journals, find their email addresses [most are likely professors so their university's website has their email address], and ask them if they can direct you to the types of studies you're interested in ... AND ask them who they'd ask if they can't think of any off hand.  [this last -- who they'd ask -- is the critical bit ... if you ask only for what you want, as soon as they don't have a useful answer, their brain turns off ... whereas asking for their contacts in this area causes an internal search for names ... then you ask the names the same question].  -- grampa [married 32 years to Professor of Education]

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