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Do you think he ll do it again?

I went on a second date and in public the guy was all over me

As soon as we met up in the street he went for a full on snog so I turned my head just for a peck on the cheek

Then he was all over me quite a bit and I'm not really into public displays of affection

I found it a bit embarrassing but some girls may like that

At the bus stop he was massaging my shoulders and I just wanted him to get off me

I've messaged him and said I don't like it and he said it's because he really likes me and I may have to remind him 

Do you think him saying that may mean he ll do it again? 

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    Yeah, reading between the lines that means "I hear what you say but I don't care". He will chose to forget it. 

    I'd say give him one more chance and if he does do it, move on. That is a red flag and would imply that he doesn't really take your wishes and comfort into consideration.

  • Murzy
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    I'm guessing that he is a "touchy-feely" person.

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