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is there a way to make my cds sound better?

i have a denon stereo cd player that i got in 2017, it cost me £500 or there abouts....and when i play some cds, the sound quality doesn't sound that great....the sound sounds muffled, distorted.....and i'm not an expert to know if this is down to poorly mastered cds or it is the denon stereo itself producing the poor sound?

i not long ago cleaned the lens, with a lens cleaner i do not know what else to do....some cds sound okay when i play them....but quite a few don't..

any ideas what i can do?


robert - much thanks.

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    If you can go back to certain discs and they always sound OK, there is nothing wrong with the equipment.

    Any variations are likely just poor quality in the first place.

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    The biggest single factor in such matters is the speakers you are listening to.

    As you failed to be *specific*  about what speakers you are using, and what *specific* gear you are using to drive those speakers and what type of disc player you are using, you are essentially asking us to GUESS.

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    perhaps you could give some examples of a few CDs that sound good on your system vs the ones that sound bad.

    if it's not due to the bands mixing/mastering (which sounds the most likely answer), there are a couple of reasons why things could intermittently sound bad in the way you described;

    1. the speakers are bad - something could have happened that damaged the tweeters on your speakers which can come good depending on the dynamics of the music being played.

    2. the audio section output capacitors in the amplifier could be failing, this will often affect the high end before anything else leading to a muffled/distorted sound.

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    CDs have been disappointing since their inception. The format is rarely used to full benefit. This has fueled the return to analogue vinyl. I did find some digital relief in 24/96 formats.

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  • khalil
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    disc cleaners do not clean properly.....

    use its cotton and solution  ...

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    Could be the CD's, the speakers, the CD reader, the cabling, the circuitry electronics. You need to borrow or use replacements to try each.

    Play the bad CD's on computer, or even using another CD or DVD player, or read them in and look at the signals making use of freeware such as Audacity. Scratched CD's, especially recorded ones can have issues. Or it is in the data. A CD is data that is read.Try headphones or good ear buds or a different set of speakers. Old speakers often dry out and break or damage, especially if used at high volume.If there is an audio input, try using a different CD reader on the bad CDs. See if you get the same result. Since CD's are audio, bad CDs should be bad on all players.Any external cables can be checked or replaced.You do not state the Denon model or where you bought it. It could have something wrong on its circuit board. The speakers are often the most likely issue and some CDs are playing different frequencies that don't sound as bad. Damaged cds from handling are also common.

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    The Denon sound system can only reproduce what it there on the CDs. The sound quality will not vary from CD to CD provided the CDs are the same good quality and the listening conditions in the room have not changed.

    Some CDs contain digital versions of old, degraded analogue master tapes. Some listeners prefer the authenticity of the orginal sound over cleaned-up, sanitised digital versions but they will never sound as 'clean' as a digital original.

    Some systems can play MP3 files on CD as well as normal CD audio files. MP3 files will always sound worse as they do not contain as much data as full audio files.

    I have had commercial CDs that have failed due to oxidation of the reflective layer and recordable CD's that have deteriorated due to exposure to sun light. There is nothing you can do to restore a damaged CD.

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