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I rather help strangers than?

I like to help people. I do random things for them. Last time someone needed a mobile phone and I have them my old (good) phone. When my ex boyfriend was turned down by his friend who was supposed to help him with chopping wood I helped him. When my friend was the only one who couldn't afford buying a cheeseburger in McDonald's from a group of friends I bought her one. I barely had money for myself but I just couldnt stand her being the only one not eating because I know what it is like. I gladly help the local shelter with transporting a dog to a vet. I like to help. For some reason I found that strangers are more thankful for even the littlest things than some people close to me. At home I'm being told a lot how I don't do enough. When is enough? I am not expecting than I'm put on a pedestal whenever I do housework etc. I just wish I wasn't made feel like it is never enough what I do. And I'm being corrected almost each time when I do something. Sometimes when I want to help someone I'm told I should rather do more at home. So if I want to help someone I need to lie that I'm going out with friends etc so that I avoid any arguments at home. I think that while you help someone you can get to know them better and also spend quality time with different people getting to know each other this way. Maybe even make new friends.

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