What is a topic that you can you teach in 5 minutes? What is a different topic you can teach in 20 minutes?

I am interviewing a second time for a trainer position at my current job. It consist of a 3 interview process. The first interview is a one on one with a corporate manager, if you make it past the interview, you move to the next phase. The next phase requires me to record a 5 minute video on any topic of my choice (they want you to see the type of teaching style I have as well as how creative I can get with the topic) The third and final interview will consist of me conducting a live 20 min training facilitation for 3 corporate managers. I have attached a photo that shows what the requirements are for the 20 min facilitation. What are some great topics that I can teach on in detail but will also meet the requirements. The first time I interviewed I made it all the way to the third round but didn’t land it due to a few errors but I had meeting with a manager and they do want me to try again. Any suggestions on topics for both the video and facilitation? Thank you in advance!


I work for a online pet retailer. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Since the position is for a company you already work for, the training program needs to be related to something that is relevant to YOUR company and potentially your current job, if the job is one that many people hold.

    We don't know what you do or your company does. 

  • Alex
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    1 month ago

    Cyber security.  For a 5 minute session, talk about good password practices and password managers. 

    For a 20 minute session,talk about passwords, then talk about multi factor authentication, and then phishing, then if you have time, backing up your personal documents.

    Do a search on "security awareness training topics" and you'll find lots of material you can use for your training.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I can't see any of that and I just don't care.

  • 1 month ago

    If you want to invest a couple of bucks in the presentation. you can show them how to prepare an egg.

    When I used to interview people for technical writing positions, I used to ask them to write a description of how to prepare an egg for aliens who had no concept of eggs, or any of the utensils.

    When I was short on time, I would ask them to write detailed instructions on how to make a bologna and cheese sandwich.

    Silly topics, yes. But the idea is seeing how someone can take a mundane topic and write interesting instructions. In your case, you can take these topics and prepare a short but interesting training.

    Good luck

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