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Hes a bit intense, do you think this is a good idea?

Ive started dating a guy and he seems quite full on quite quickly

He was alone for lockdown and got really lonely so I dont know if this is influencing things

But we ve only had a couple of dates and we talk a lot everyday, but I know all about his abuse in childhood and how much money he makes. Which I dont mind but its pretty early to know all that.

Hes very touchy feely and over affectionate which im not a big fan of so I messaged him about this and he said its just because he really likes me ad I may have to remind him, which I hope I dot have to!

Hes saying he thinks im what hes been waiting for and other things along those lines which I dont know if is a bit ott for only having met twice

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    Always beware the guys or girls who are too full on, too fast. They are either overly dependent/needy, or overly controlling, or both. Either way they are to be avoided. That behaviour is a HUGE red flag for me.

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    all guys are like that because they are young.  it's the hormones talking.  if you don't like something about him, are you ready to live with that for the rest of your life?  if not, then it's time to move on.  the whole purpose of dating is finding the person you are going to marry, isn't it?  find someone that makes you happy in all situations, not just a few situations.

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