Minoring in ballet?

I’m confused about the process since I would like to major in biological sciences but minor in ballet/dance after community college. I will be applying to schools in 1.5years and I’m not sure what to do because all of the information I’ve found applies to incoming first year students. Are there any major requirements or can I just not apply for the minor? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Make sure you are looking at the "transfer admissions" pages of university websites. Let's break this down a bit.

    1. Not all universities offer a minor in every subject they offer a major.  You'll have to look on website pages for "majors and minors" to find out whether or not the schools you are considering offer a minor in dance or ballet.

    2. If you drill down on those pages, a university website should list the requirements for the major or minor.  This will include specific classes, classes to choose from where you need to complete one, and the number of credits required to earn that major or minor.

    3. You can also contact the Dance department of the universities you're considering and try to get information from the office administrator.

    4. As a transfer student, you will be asked to declare your major and minor.  

    5. ALL majors and minors have specific requirements.  Look at the specific pages on the school's website to see what those are.  There are also general education requirements needed to gradate the are not specific to a major or minor.  You can meet with an academic advisor to help you understand what you'll need to take at community college and what you'll need to take at the university.

    6. Your CC should have a transfer advisor. Book an appointment with them to get more help.

  • drip
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    Many schools have a dance program and offer a major or minor in dance. Most university dance programs are heavily based in ballet.

    You will need to audition to be in the program.

    My daughter was a dance major and dropped to a dance minor. She started classes in her major first semester freshman year.  She took dance classes all 8 semesters. 

    You will need to audition. They will also want your dance resume.   Contact the dance department office for details on being a transfer student. Don’t talk to the admissions office. Talk to the dance department. 

  • John
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    There are colleges at which a student can minor in dance.  I have yet to see one at which one can minor specifically in ballet, although that doesn't mean a ballet minor is not offered anywhere.  Admission standards to dance minors vary by school, so there is no set answer to your question.  After finding universities which offer a dance major via an online search, you can review the dance department's admission requirements.

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