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Unable to Port Forward Minecraft?

I've done this before so I've allowed the port in my firewall settings, I've made my ip static, and I know I have to put TCP/UDP to 25565. However, whenever I try to input 25565 into the external port box, it says port conflict. I don't think any other device in my house has a rule with that same port and the only rule currently in place right now is DemonwarePortMapping, UDP, and 21887 with a UPnP rule. Can someone help me out? I want to do everything I possibly can before hard resetting the router!

also if it helps, I had the rule in place before but I deleted it and try to make a new one. My router model is a Sagemcom Fast 5260.


So tell me if I am correct.. based on BigE's answer I should flush DNS and find then remove a dmz on the device I'm trying to port forward on.. or all of the devices on my network? Then if those both don't work restart my router. If there's any other tricks I can try before restarting my router please let me know!!

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  • BigE
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    Hard reset?  You save the config and reboot the router/software reset the router.  If you can't reliably reboot the router, better to find out now than after the next power outage.

    My guess is that the port forward is cached OR something is DMZing (port forwarding everything).

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