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Class CR isn't adding me to the group where notices are posted.?

I complained about CR. One of his friends removed me. From 2 days, I have been telling him to re-add. He talks good enough. Yesterday, he was asking me to "Chill"...I will add...But it is already been 1 day and he is not readding me..IDK why.

I have already told the Year Coordinator. CR replied only after I talked to Year Coordinator. So, I know that he doesn't want to add me.

**In short, CR supports another group of students who hate me because I was smart in studies(In the past), as they were fighting with me for scholarships in engineering college. But now I don't think there is anything like that with them. It is solely disrespect to me.**

What should I do in this case? I haven't done any crimes to face problems like this.

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