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Do you think I shouldn’t even care about staying in contact with them?

So I haven’t seen my ex girlfriend (We’re friends) and my old coworker/friend since I left the job. But anyways, I recently visited them, and my old coworker was mad because I didn’t say goodbye to her or even texted her (my boss gave me zero hours and I had another job so I quit). Didn’t say goodbye because I wasn’t even working. But I did visit them. And I mean, she can text me or Snapchat me first? What’s the problem? So I texted them a while after that, and they both gave me one word replies. So I was mad and stopped talking immediately and haven’t bothered replying. It’s been two months now. Do they just not care? They also hangout without me too quite often, and they only invited me once, but that was two years ago. So I’m thinking “Are they even my friends?” 

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    It sounds like what happens in any relationship, whether friendly or romantic. Things change. Things end

     This is the human experience. It is full of goodbyes. Instead of seeing it as a loss, try to see it as a change like how a butterfly emerges from a cocoon. This relationship with them has ran its course for whatever reason, reason isnt important as people make time for what they want. They make time for each other. They have no longer included you. There is your answer. Instead of hanging on to the pain of loss, reflect on the memories that were positive. Life is full of experiences, so now that they have petered out, look forward to who is coming next and how ur relationship will be with them. What qualities will u look for? Go to new places even solo and meet new types of people. Explore. Take urself out of ur comfort zone and strike up a convo with someone u might like to know or even those u wouldnt normally tak to. Not only can u increase ur social circle, but even the journey of meeting new people during these brief interactions keeps u social and its fun! 

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    In most cases the only reason to stay in touch with former coworkers is if you work in a word of mouth industry where you might need their references for another job someday. So no, these people probably weren't "friends" but just friendly coworkers. 

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