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Am I a horrible person for quitting my office job? ?

So this has been on my mind , been working during covid at a high stress job it’s in the medical field , ever since covid began the job started getting more stressful and people’s attitudes weren’t the greatest but I attributed it to stress but I felt like I kept getting attitudes and snippy comments here and there. So I know it’s important to brush things aside but I’m not that type of person , I carry around anxiety constantly. So I’ve had the thought at the back of my mind for awhile that I wanted something maybe part time less hours but I never looked, I kept staying at the job I was at , out of obligation. I’ve always felt the pressure to please others and be hard on myself when I made mistakes, I wasn’t taking care of myself in the long run. So when I went back to work during covid I felt intensely more stressed,I didn’t really have the best protection either. I found myself taking days here and there off for doctors appointments etc but I don’t think it was in excess. I ended up getting bruntly spoken to about that. Add in all this to my anxiety and stress that was building I decided to put my two weeks notice in, but then i started having panic attacks 

couldn’t breathe

 I felt paralyzed by fear. I then changed my mind and abruptly quit I felt like I was doing the right thing but I also felt like a a hole at the same time. I understand that I will prob not get a good ref

Part of me feels guilty for doing what I did but I felt like my health was sending me red flags. 

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    You got to do what you Gotta do. The slave masters who they call supervisors on jobs aren’t really human beings anyway. Don’t worry if you hurt their feelings

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    No do what is best for you!

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