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Would my COVID-19 symptoms get worse ?

Both of my classmates got COVID and yesterday I got diagnosed with COVID and started feeling very sick having a high temperature and coughing. Today I feel much better with lower temperature and little coughing but i have difficulty in breathing. Am I starting to get better or it's just a temporarily feeling in the 2nd day?

I'm 20 btw 

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    Unfortunately, we know that with Covid-19 many people report feeling better but then get worse again a few days later. So hopefully you are on the mend, but just be mindful of that wave-like pattern.

    If you are starting to feel breathless even at rest, start finding it difficult to do basic things like reading, showering, or eating, or you feel confused then you should get yourself to hospital.

    And remember, no matter how good you feel, you need to isolate yourself from others for 10 to 14 days.

    Get well soon!

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