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If a queen dies does the king stay?

If a queen is born into royalty and marries a man and he becomes king and she dies later does he remain king? Or does someone else in her family take the place? Also, if there is a younger brother on her side would he take the place as king? What would happen to the husbands placement?

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    If you're asking what I think you're asking, your initial premise is wrong.  A man who marries a woman who is (or becomes) a reigning queen does not become king because he is not the reigning monarch.  In most monarchies, he'd be known as a prince.

    When a reigning queen passes away, the next in line according to the laws and customs of her country will become the next monarch.

    The surviving husband in that case will usually retain his title as prince, although he would no longer be the consort.

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    Consorts are relegated to the backstage

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    In a sort of reverse situation, the king of Jordan (King Hussein) died several years ago, and his wife (Queen Noor), became a sort of Queen Emetrius.  She is not the wife of the ruling king (who is the son of the one who died, but not Queen Noor's son).  She continues to live in that country now as a single Muslim woman, and she is forbidden to travel alone.  Queen Elizabeth of the U.K. was born into royalty.  Her husband did not become king when she married, but he has the title of a prince.  Their eldest son will take her place when she dies, and if her husband survives her, he will continue to be a prine with no claim to the throne.

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    A woman is not born a queen. She either inherits the title, or marries a man who becomes king, and she, his queen consort.

    There are different types of Queen:

    Queen Regnant, the hereditary monarch in charge

    Queen Consort, the non-reigning spouse of the King

    Queen Dowager/Queen Mother, the widow of the king.

    A woman who is Queen Regnant remains monarch until she dies. Her husband, who had no powers to reign, would not traditionally been titled King of King Consort, he would have been a Prince and consort.

    When there is a King as reigning monarch, his wife is a non-reigning Queen Consort who has no powers to reign, and she is not his heir. The King's heirs are his children, grandchildren, cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers or sisters. When the king dies his eldest heir becomes the new monarch. The King's widow becomes the Dowager Queen. The Dowager or Queen Mother can still take on official duties to represent the monarch.

    Men do not assume the titles and styles or powers of their wives. Men must have their own titles. A man who is king is born the heir of a parent or other relative who is monarch. His titles are his own and have nothing to do with his wife. An hereditary king would remain king if his wife were to predecease him.

    There have been few instances where a co-regency existed. William and Mary of England , husband and wife, reigned together. When Mary died, William reigned alone.

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    If a Queen CONSORT dies while her husband is still on the throne, he remains king and may marry again.  The second wife would be entitled to the title of Queen, unless the marriage was morganatic. When Queen Consort Astrid of The Belgians died, her husband Leopold III remained king, his second marriage was morganatic so Lilian used the title Princess.  After the death of Anne Hyde, consort of James II/VII, his second wife Mary of Modena became Queen CONSORT of England and Scotland for the remainder of his reign

    The husband of a REGNANT Queen assumes the position of FORMER consort within the royal family on the death of his wife. 

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    If the Queen is heir to the throne, the man she marries will not be King. As in the case of Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip.

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    If the woman is the heir to the Throne, her husband won't become King when she becomes Queen.   As with Prince Philip (and Prince Albert before) - neither would/did rank higher than their wives.    When the Queen dies, the throne passes to Charles, her eldest son.    Had she not had children, the line would have passed sideways, to her sister Margaret and so to her children.

    This is going by the UK laws of inheritance today.   Things were often different in the past.

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    In most monarchies, the only way a man can be come king is to inherit the throne from the last sovereign. (He can't just marry a reigning queen.) It doesn't matter if he is married or not, so if his wife dies it will make no difference to him being king, Some kings may have more than one wife during  their reign if they remarry. The throne passes to his heir when he dies, or to the next heir of the previous sovereign if he has none. It does not involve the wife's side of the family.

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    The man doesn't become king by marriage. He may have his own title but it won't be king, unless he already happens to be a king in another country.

    If the queen dies before him, the throne passes to their eldest child, usually to the son first, depending on the laws of inheritance in their country. The husband retains his title but stands aside for the next monarch and their husband or wife.

    If they have no children the throne goes to the queen's brother or sister, or if they have already died to the first nephew or niece. 

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    Technically, if a man marries a queen, he doesn't become a king.  At least, not in any European monarchy today.  He becomes a "Prince Consort."

    And no, he doesn't inherit the throne if she dies.  Her heir apparent does.


    As the most obvious example:

    The husband of Queen Elizabeth II is Prince Philip, not King Philip.  When she dies (or retires) the next ruler will be her eldest child.  In this case, Prince Charles will become King Charles III of England.

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