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The Green Mile question?

Was John Coffey taking the pain away from Eduard "Del" Delacroix when he was being electrocuted? Coffey was making the same movements in his cell while it happened is why im wondering. It sure didnt look like it was less painful for Del though.

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    The person who said who gives a poo is stupid and No I don't really think so, I think that he created a very strong bond/connection with Del and his powers caused him to feel the pain. 

    The fact that the pain wasn't being taken away is kind of reinforced by the fact that Del keeps on screaming as he dies (which made the scene even more disturbing and sad) at least that's how i remember it 

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    1 month ago

    In my opinion - he wasn't actually taking away the pain.  I believe he was close enough that he could also feel what was happening and reacted to what he felt.

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    1 month ago

    It's a movie. So "Movie logic" applies doesn't it? Maybe yes or no? Is the difference applies or "who truly gives a poo!"

    Take it or leave it on me being nice. Who still gives a ****?

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