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What can I do to stop feeling like this? Do I need help?

I am 15 and a sophomore  in highschool. I picked up streaming at the beginning of quarantine wanting to get somewhere, I've always had dreams of making it somewhere big. Recently I've felt really demotivated for anything and everything related to gaming and the future of my life. I feel like there's no point in trying to do this if there's tons of others out there and I'm extremely uninteresting and monotone. I've also been questioning why I'm doing this when i could be out living my highschool life. I just don't want to waste this time and make the most of my life. You only live once. Im afraid of wasting my life playing videogames if im not going to make it anywhere, and i dont want to waste my teenage years. I appreciate any answers or help even though i dont really know what im asking. Thanks.

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    1 month ago

    Yeah, i totally regret wasting my teenage years.  I wish I would've made something of myself then.  Unless you're hitting the lottery at 30, your teens and 20s are it, cause once you're 40, it hurts, everywhere. 

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