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How do ppl get crushes in elementary school. I didn't have my first crush until I was 12???

I'm a girl. And this was a HUGE crush... It's possible I had "crushes" on guys earlier, but I honestly wasn't attracted to ANYBODY until middle school. Now, I'm boy crazy like my friends, but how is it possible to have real feelings for anyone then??


then meaning in like 3rd grade?? Or was it like a "boyfriend"?

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    I feel just like you feel. I had sex when I was in the second grade with

    Judy J. We changed schools after 2nd grade and I did not see her

    until 9th grade and I still had feelings for her but she didn't for me.I had

    thought about her all those years. I still think about her and I am over

    55 years old.  You always remember your first or so I have been told.

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    thats the point, its not real feelings

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