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Monocrown/Integrated/Recessed Crown/Anatomical Bridles vs. Traditional Bridles?

Do bridles with a monocrown/integrated crown/recessed crown make a noticeable difference in a horse's comfort, or is it more of a fad? Same with anatomical bridles, is there a notable difference or is it just the latest trend?

I'm asking because I'd like to make sure my tack is as comfortable for the horse as possible, but don't want to spend extra money if it makes little to no difference. Every bridle I own has a traditional crown with the noseband poll strap running underneath it. Also, I'm wondering, even though it would may look really silly, would simply placing the noseband poll strap over the top of the crown rather than under be similar to an integrated/recessed crown? Or would one of those crown pads that attach to bridles similar to what EquiFit makes be a good choice?

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