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My sister has Crohn’s disease, is this deadly or is it just chronic?

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    it is not a death-sentence but it can makes her life difficult and miserable for a very very long time.. i do not know the exact ratio, but i would say 40% may require regular visits to the hospital.. the problem with chronic illnesses in general, is that they chip away one's health very slowly and if your sister is not careful, she can develop complications that leads to permanent disability and yes death.. common complications with Crohn's are Major Depression Disorder, malnutrition and sudden death of her bowel segments; but if she is ahead of the illness having regular doctors' follow ups and having a good family/social support, she'd have a better chance of having a normal life..

    think of your chances when driving a car at legal speeds wearing a seatbelt, now imagine her chances of driving a car above legal speeds without wearing a seatbelt - that's bad but not necessarily a death sentence.. keep in mind that Crohn's has different stages, some are bad but many are manageable.. the main issue with Crohn's disease, is when patients give up and they come to us too late ridden with complications - and that happens a lot.. we doctors prefer to prevent problems, not solving them.. and.. and God bless and all the best..

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