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My sister is a narcissist, is it common that narcissist like some people and hate others rather than just hating everybody?

Most evil people just hate everybody but in her case there were people she likes. I am thankfully estranged from her but she does speak to my brother which is weird because when they were teens she hated him with passion. However they are twins.  

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    Narcissists are selective. Many times they will back off if they feel/know you will stand up to them. And so are seen as 'liking' someone. So put down cowardly bullies as well . . . 

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    I  would assume that the bond between twins takes preference over her need to be estranged form other people.  It's good she has someone to whom she can confide.  If she has angered so many people, then it would be very hard to convince her to go for some therapy. The word "narcissist" comes from the Greek meaning to love one's reflection as in Greek literature the youth pines away for love of his own reflection, so he is turned into a flower, a narcissus, a daffodil.      

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    You’re a lonely little liar

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    Narcissist like anyone that sucks up to them or makes them feel strong and powerful. 

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