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Would Canada and Australia be greatly impacted by the US Election if Trump wins?

I live in Canada but my friend who is Canadian says that Canada would be just as affected by the upcoming US election as if Canada were another American state like Vermont or New Hampshire. Although there may be some truth to it, I don't think Canada will because they have their separate economy, separate laws, and separate culture. 

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    No not in the least, you see all commonwealth nations of the UK have each others back. Nothing will ever change. The only thing that will affect the commonwealth nations is if the Queen dies and Prince Charles and his wife takes over. 

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    Only in that the status quo vis-a-vis trade deals and international relations with the US would carry on as it has for the past nearly four years. The biggest change would come if the sitting President were replaced by an Executive who wanted to renegotiate or change those deals and relationships. I doubt Trump would operate much differently during a second term than he has during his first term. 

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