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Are there more White Brazilians, Black Brazilians or Brown Brazilians?

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    According to the National Research by Household Sample (PNAD) of 2008, 48.43% of the population (about 92 million) described themselves as White; 43.80% (about 83 million) as Pardo (brown), 6.84% (about 13 million) as Black; 0.58% (about 1.1 million) as Asian; and 0.28% (about 536 thousand) as Amerindian (officially called indígena, Indigenous), while 0.07% (about 130 thousand) did not declare their race.

  • Anonymous
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    there are more or less of a color 

  • 2 months ago

    Light brown ones are the most exotic and best looking ones 

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