What were the 1990's like?

I never lived through the 90's, considering I grew up in the 2000's, but I what was it like. What teenagers my age do back then?.


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  • 1 month ago

    They were like a different life. We came home from school and we watched TV instead of playing on the Internet. Do United States was the safe place. There was violence in the inner cities and other than that the USA were safe. The dark days of racism were over in the dark area of school shootings and terrorism had not yet started. There were isolated shootings and isolated terrorist attacks of course Oklahoma City bombing for example. But overall we were the land of peace unless you lived in a dangerous part of the inner city. News stories of the year were things like Susan Smith, OJ Simpson, Lorena Bobbitt, Hurricane Andrew, and the death of princess Diana.  If there was breaking news on TV back then it was probably a plane crash. Several planes crashed a year. Never was it Masa current high school 17 dead or bombing at Boston marathon or pandemic to shut down the world.  


    Arguments with me and my siblings were things like what TV show to watch and not who put one on Facebook about who. Pure abuse was at school and on the playground, there was no such thing as cyber bullying. At the same time schools have help now for learning disabled students like me, back then ignorance was contagious among my teachers.  


    In those days if I was sick I stayed home from school for a day or two, nowadays if I’m sick I quarantine for three weeks. Thanksgiving and Christmas were celebrated with family full of laughter and joy rather than virtually filled with awkwardness.  When someone got married or died there was a huge gathering of family and friends rather than a YouTube video to watch called a virtual wedding or virtual funeral.  When there was a shooting at a school the headline would be three dead, not 23 dead like in the 2000’s. 


    Lastly among other stuff a great scandal was to be caught with a playboy my mom and dad or in my house a Victoria’s Secret magazine. Mom and dad had to lock up the Victoria secrets so my brother and I couldn’t find them.  Then they forgot where they hid them. I also had to block HBO after I revealed that we saw girls breasts on the TV channel.

     Nowadays there are sex sites galore that make Victoria’s Secret look like nickelodeon magazine and playboy look like NBC TV family night. 


    Last but not least, in the 1990s my mother always said “ What has the world come too, it was so much safer when daddy and I were kids“. Now we long for the 1990s. Can you imagine with the 2040s will be like. Maybe World War III, the second Civil War, or a nuclear holocaust? We will see you in another 30 years.  Time to watch Clinton and all on the evening news call each other friends, oops I mean Trump and Biden call each other evil.  

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    1 month ago

    One of the greats decades of the 1900. Right behind the 70's

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