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I'm going to Leavenworth November ?

Around Nov. 26 to 29 , I am going to drive to Leavenworth.. i have an 08 mustang... do i need snow tires or snow chains if I have an all season tires? 


It's in Washington 

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    At the very least, buy chains and put them in the trunk:

    Every vehicle, including 4X4s, must carry chains or chain-like traction devices through the pass. No exceptions.

    When traction tires are advised, you can get by with regular tires but be careful.

    When traction tires are required, every vehicle must have approved traction tires. All-season tires are not traction tires unless they bear the M+S or snowflake symbol on the sidewall. You may use chains instead of traction tires. Vehicles over 10,000 lbs must chain up.

    When chains are required, thou shalt put on chains unless you are driving a 4X4.

    When chains are required for ALL, 4X4s are not exempt.

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    I was born and raised in Detroit -- weather was about the same winter temperatures, a little more snow than Leavenworth.  Back in '64, my car was a '53 Dodge with bald tires -- and I had no problems all winter.  In '65 went to So.Cal. and have done much snow driving since.  But some.  All Season tires are all you need until you are in over 6 inches of snow.

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    Mustangs SUCK in the snow no matter what tires you have on them. You will have a chance at getting into snow but I am sure they have good road crews for clearing. They get 90+ inches a year and start ramping up in late November. 

    Your best bet it so buy a good set of chains, learn how to put them on and take them off before going and pack a survival kit and coveralls so you can crawl around in the wet snow putting on chains, keep the all seasons on the car as you have a lot of power to weight and RWD so I doubt new mud tires would be all that much better - Or rent an AWD SUV for the trip - higher ground clearance too, which is another factor that will stop your mustang. You can't run chains for long on wet road and you have to drive VERY slow so only for getting unstuck or over an untreated pass. 

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    Shouldn't need them and Kansas may not allow chains.  

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