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Should I help my ex get a psychiatrist or is this just angry person ?

So, I was dating this individual for about a year, we were having a good time together for a while. But I started noticing some red flags. When this individual  talks it’s normal some of the time, but other times it seems slowed down and this person seems lost, it happens frequently & the individual’s temper started out normal but has increased to something like a bipolar disorder. This person made up a scenario inside of their head that I said something about someone in their family. This individual keeps bringing it up, but I didn’t say anything close to what they’re saying. The individual makes gestures and laughs sometimes out of the blue and so just find things to be a bit off. This individual does have a diploma from college, so it seems as if something is going on that’s very strange. I wanted to be with this person for a while but don’t think I can due to their behavior, this person threw water in my face recently & is not sorry for doing it. Says “It was just water”. This person constantly puts me down, I’ve forgiven and it happens again. For a year I was unable to see this individual’s phone. This person would go as far to cover my eyes to prevent me from seeing their phone messages, but has told me they have remained loyal to me and not cheated. Recently, this individual locked themselves in a bathroom with my phone and has insinuated that I tried to cheat on them, as I was only having a casual conversation with someone.


Should I help my ex get a psychiatrist or is this just an angry person ? ** sorry about the typo

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  • 1 month ago

    No, stay away from your ex. What you're actually doing is a form of keeping the relationship going even by asking this question. Your ex sounds too controlling, and you were pulled in once, so now learn your lesson and stay out. 

  • 1 month ago

    Call the police. Doesn't sound like being involved with your ex is going to be safe for you. 

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