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Contract Law?

Trimfit Ltd, a company supplying fitness products, advertised a slimming shake marketed under the brand name Trimfast. The advertisement in the Daily Post claimed that anyone who does not lose weight after drinking one shake each day for four weeks could claim £200 from Trimfit Ltd. Trimfit Ltd placed £5,000 in a bank account to demonstrate that they were serious about their offer. Tim bought the shakes and drank one a day for four weeks. However, instead of losin weight he gained 1 kilo. When he claimed £100 from Trimfit Ltd, they refused to pay on the basis that the offer was a mere sales promotion. Moreover, they told him they had withdrawn their offer in a prominent advertisement placed in the Daily Post 2 weeks earlier.


what’s your opinion 

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    Yes, this is exactly what happened.  Do you have a question?

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