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chronic prostatitis for 2 years?

I no longer have acute pain. But still, there is always a mild pain after masturbation or sex. The pain lasts for 24 hours  What medications to take? And suggestion?  I use tablets for inflammation of prostate. That helped to heal the acute pain. But the mild pain is not going away.  I sit in hot tub of water for 10 minutes everyday. 


I had already consulted a doctor a year ago. He said nobody knows the exact reason for chronic prostatitis. He prescribed antibiotics. It didn’t work. But the tablets to reduce the inflammation reduced the pain and made it manageable. He says that it all can be done.

Update 2:

The pain becomes severe is if I masturbate every day or every other day. It becomes a mild pain if I masturbated once in 5 days. I am finding it difficult to meet a different doctor during this pandemic.

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    apply a hot water bag to the lower abdomen

    twice a day and take early morning walks

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    Antibiotic course probably needed. Be careful with Cipro as it can damage your hearing. Maybe prophylactic Trimethoprim taken long-term could work for you. See your doctor about it.

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    no you see a urologist who knows what the heck they are talking about

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    Go see a doctor. Protatitis can last a long time and often needs Cipro (antibiotic) to clear it up. I had it for 6 months. I thought it was just from sitting a different chair all day when we went to remote work for COVID. Turns out it can linger for a long period of time. 

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