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What is your career in the medical/healthcare field? Pros and cons?

Hello, I am currently 15 years old and have started discovering colleges and professions I am interested in. I am extremely interested in becoming an RN, possibly pediatrics. The only issues is I am a student athlete and may struggle going to nursing school while playing softball. However that is my way to go to school. Nursing is not my only possibility though. I am thinking about doctor, PT, etc. I am concerned about amount of schooling as well. If you work in the healthcare or medical field, what is your job and what are some pros and cons about it? Additionally, if you were a student athlete in college, do you have any advice? Thanks so much for your time!

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    BSN.  Peds Emergency Nurse.  Nurse Educator.  I went on a scholastic scholarship but i was on the swim team in university.  I did an accelerated program so it took me almost 3 years for my bachelors degree.  Nursing for me gets easier the longer you are in it.  Talking to a few of the other nurses they said the pre requisites were hard core and first year was a cake walk because half the courses are already done and you do mostly theory. The second year was brutal to a lot of them (i guess that would’ve been my summer) when they really start weeding out the losers who just can’t cut it and then you have to specialize to be a peds nurse.  And specialize to go into other things that might interest you.  Like i might be a fine peds nurse but i won’t know much about the patients in psych

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    My brother went to school on a tennis scholarship and got a degree in mechanical engineering in the traditional four years.    It's really not a big deal except that when the team did well they often had travel near the end of the season.

    I didn't have a scholarship and had to work 25 hours a week to get through school.   It was totally doable.   

    School plus one other thing, whether it's sport or work, is fine.  That's just normal adulthood.    What gets hard is when you try to do all three or you have a child or something like that. 

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