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Do you think Luigi should be considered Marios clone instead of his brother?

In the beginning Nintendo wanted the game 'Super Mario Brothers' to be 2 players. So they just copied Marios character and changed the color of the suit from red to green. And thats how Luigi was created.

Do you think Nintendo should start making all the future video games with Luigi being described as Marios clone instead of his brother? 


Mr Brooks your answer was kind of lame and not helpful. We all know eventually Luigi was given his own personality traits like his height, his voice, his attitude, etcetera. This question was about Lugis birth since the begining

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    No. I don't know why it's so hard to believe that Luigi is Mario's brother, but they're actually different in a few ways. Notice their personalities. Mario is the kind of guy who actually doesn't care what happens, he's just happy to have an excuse for adventure. Even if it means danger. Luigi likes to stay out of trouble, and when things go wrong he gets scared very easily. But Luigi still faces his fear anyway, with his priorities set straight

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    I'd say he's different enough to be considered his brother. 

    OR they cloned Mario but took his better genetic half and made a taller, thinner version on Mario. 

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    While in the first game Luigi acts practically as a "green Mario", he is actually a completely separate person in the other games, with his own very different personality. Makes sense for them to be just the same in the first couple of games where the characters are comprised of a handful of pixels, but as soon as they're able they're shown to be two similar but very different people, like brothers often are :)

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    Uhhh, No...

    Yeah, no. just... no...

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