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how do you deal with people looking at you?

in public? i'm male in my 40s and i really don't like people, especially other men -looking at me, i think 'what are they looking at'?  and i feel outraged, it also feels like they are meddling in my life or interfering with me....or am i being too sensitive?

when i go out, i don't look at anybody really, i only concentrate on where i'm going, look at the ground, or look at the trees, the birds etc....i'm not interested in looking at people or paying attention to them.....but i do naturally glance around at times, because i have a nervous disposition which makes me do it....and in the past , i have noticed people looking at me for too long,  which has caused me to think 'what they looking at?' - and then i feel annoyed.

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    Just look back at them...they will look away

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    I borrow their cell phone and take a selfie.

    I then return it to the one looking at me so he/she can look at me whenever they want.

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    2 months ago

    Health and behavior are connected and mutually reinforcing.  

    Your own and that of others, too.  

    Others look to you for suggestions for health and well-being.  

    Humor also helps.  

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    2 months ago

    I feel kind of ok, since they don't look at me weird.........

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