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does the type of cd player determine the sound quality from cds?

i have a denon stereo dab cd player which i bought in 2017, it cost me £500....but certain cds that i play in it, the sound quality doesn't sound that great and i was wondering if its because it is a poorly mastered cd or if its my cd stereo player itself that is producing poor sound quality?

for example i was playing the rolling stones greatest hits last night in the player, a 2nd hand cd which i got off ebay...but i was disappointed in the sound quality of it....the instruments in the songs sounded muffled and not crystal clear..

any ideas why i'm having this problem?

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  • 2 months ago

    Many CDs have been made with less than stellar audio quality. 

    They are often responsible for disappointment. 

    If one sounds good and another doesn't, 

    you can blame a record company for the deficiency.                     


    The player Definitely contributes to the sound quality.  

    The D/A conversion method can have a small effect.  

    What makes the most difference in the player

    is the filtering and phase response that follows the conversion.   

  • Lance
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    It could be a little of both...Early CD's were not mastered that well ,hence all the remastered CD's that have been reissued and are available. Usually Denon will use pretty good DAC's in their CD players but there may be weakness with the Clock and or digital filtering, or digital isolation for that particular player Extra care must be taken when CD players are designed and built but often that is not the case...CD is really right on the edge of acceptability and so any little problem with either the mastering process or playback equipment can cause digital noise Jitter; quantization and conversion errors or other problems in playback sound quality...If done right they can sound fantastic but its so easy for that not to happen...

       I would advise leveling the player and also cleaning the laser with some canned air...sometimes doing these things will improve sound quality...Also the disk should also be cleaned with lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth...Also it may help to use an isolation platform depending on how stable the surface is that the CD player rests upon.

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