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Force Vectors Physics?

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1. A ball is falling and gravity exerts a force of 0.1 N downwards on the ball, the movement of the ball downwards is sowed by air resistance, which exerts a for of 0.01 N upwards on the ball, what is the net force on the ball (in magnitude and direction)?

2. a teacher is stuck in space, two spaceships throw out a rope to him pulling him to safety, one rope exerts a force of 20 N to the left and the other one exerts 20N to the right what is the net force on the teacher? (in magnitude and direction) 

3. a cannon ball gets shot out of a cannon, gravity exerts a force of 30N downwards on the cannonball, the cannon exerts a force of 40N to the left on the cannonball, what is the netforce on the cannonball (in magnitude and direction) 

4. a teacher does a tug of war game with herself in the middle tied to four ropes, each team pulls her in a different direction. Team one exerts 200N north, Team two exerts 200 N to the east, team three exerts 80N to the south, team four exerts 100 N to the west. what is the net force on the teacher (in magnitude and direction)

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    1. Clearly 0.09 N down.

    2. 0 N, direction arbitrary.

    3. Horrible setup. While in the cannon, there is no net vertical force on the cannonball. While outside the cannon, the cannonball exerts no leftward force from the cannon. It's one or the other.

    But if somehow we're to magically combine the two given forces, the resultant force would have magnitude 50 N (3-4-5 triangle) and direction Θ = arctan(30/40) = 37º below "left"

    4. net 120 N north and net 100 N east results in

    R = √(120² + 100²) N = 156 N

    with direction Θ = arctan(120/100) = 50º N of East

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    1. .9N down

    2. 0 N

    3. 50N  36.87 deg down from left (216.87deg).

    4. 50.194 deg N(E)

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