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when did the Federal Reserve start propping up the stock market and the economy? will they just continue to do so until when? why?

I know they did this in first part of Obama's presidency, but they just started again last year? in Sep.?  why then? and what they are doing now and will continue to do is MASSIVE compared to what they have ever done?


if are retired,,,would it be a great idea to take all your money out of your 401K right now? why or not?

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  • Jake
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    1 month ago
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    1981, under Ronald Reagan. It was done in an effort to lend credence to his tinkle down economic policies that were a total failure.

  • Sandy
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    1 month ago

    the whole world should just write off 2020 financially and pick up from 12-2019, in January 2021.

  • 1 month ago

    If you had a job or a 401k you'd realize that 1/3 or more of the country has their retirement ( sometimes their life savings ) tied up in the stock market .

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