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Why do people hate Kanye for the T-Swift thing?

I'm not a Kanye fan nor a Taylor Swift fan but I don't know why he still gets hate for going on stage during the VMA's in 2009 and more importantly why has that incident been a catalyst for Taylor being a sweet innocent victim. Taylor made something that wasn't about her ABOUT her. If it was anyone else on stage, Kanye would've done the same thing. This wasn't a misogynistic, scary black man move the way the media and Taylor portrays it, this was outspoken and weird Kanye addressing an issue that has been going on in the music industry for years. If you look at records, yes, Taylor sold the most records in 2009 but Beyonce's album had the most views/plays and streams on the internet and the award Taylor won was Best Female VIDEO category (not that views are the sole qualifications for winning but...) so I think Kanye was trying to address the many times black artists have lost to their white counterparts despite having the qualifications to back it up. This was never about Taylor and she has profited off of that incident for years. And Yes I know, Beyonce defended her, I'm not talking about that. I just don't get why people hate him for doing that. He did the something when talking about President Bush and no one got offended. He was just stating his opinion that probably can be backed up with facts. 

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    People hated him for that because he ruined her moment. He was shitfaced and got mad when Beyoncé lost. It’s not Taylor’s fault more people voted for her. How would you like it if someone did that to you? Kanye deserved every bit of hate he got for doing that. 

    People definitely did get angry over him saying that about Bush. 

  •  Though he was correct about the problem he was addressing at the time, THAT wasn't the correct way to bring the problem to light. Mainly because he is male (and being African American male certainly didn't "help" his case at the time), but he violated the decorum of the event. Which is actually a great way to get the attention needed, but also, a great way to turn yourself into a social pariah.

    You see, these phony 'popularity contest' type award shows are not only for the industry it is celebrating to blow smoke into each other's behinds, or to act as a "reward" or nod to the artists the greedy industry heads bleed dry of talent and integrity just to make a buck, but also for the "peasants" (you, me, those fans not in the industry, etc.) to get a kind of glimpse and feel as if they are part of the false grandeur and spectacle of it all.

    What Kanye did was not unlike what it would be like if three hillbillies from a neighboring rival school came into the gym where all these people who took prom seriously and spent months preparing and looking forward to it were dancing and these uncouth degenerates, in their Iron Maiden, Poison and M.A.G.A. cut off sleeveless t-shirts jumped up on the stage, where a dj, or band might be performing and took the microphone and starting farting into it.

    Some of the people who tune into these b.s. award shows MIGHT have been receptive to his message, but the majority are the types who will just be infuriated because their wonderful little daydream has been disrupted.

    Kanye was wrong and especially wrong to do it when Taylor Swift was up there. Believe/think what you want about her and her music, but it's only the perception of her that counts in the scheme of things and of course to her fans she is a "sweet, innocent, nice, girl etc." Kanye came off like a thug and bully, right or wrong, it didn't help him or his cause.

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    Because he came out on stage during her acceptance speech,grabbed the microphone. He is and always will be a piece of crap.

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    She won. It was rude of him to go on stage and say that Beyoncé should have been the winner. He took away moment in the spotlight. 

    What would happen if Beyoncé won and Taylor went on stage and said that someone else should have won. 

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