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Can we say "Mondays are the cleaning days" (I mean home cleaning)?

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    You can but no one would. It is much more common (and more correct) to say something like "Monday is cleaning day"

    For example, "Tuesday is Spaghetti Day"  was the line of an actual tv ad back in the 670s and 70s.  Prince Spaghetti I think.

    Sunday is church day, Monday is cleaning day, Thursday is laundry day, Friday is payday, Saturday is play day.  You ought to get the idea from all that.  You are stating a truism, a general rule, so singular all the way through.  Every Monday, any Monday, is cleaning day.  This is always true as far as the meaning is concerned.  Requires singular noun with no article to indicate general truth.

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    That statement is too bald and impersonal.  In times past, Monday was, as a general matter, 'washing day' for washing clothes etc, but very few people these days have a rigid schedule li,ke that.

    I might say: "Mondays are my cleaning days." But I am more likely go say: "I clean the house on Mondays" if that is generally true.

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    I prefer my home to be cleaned everyday. Dust is really bad on a ranch and will build up quickly if not regularly cleaned. 

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